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I plan to build whatever kind of home I decide on to code and in cold places I don’t know for sure if I could get away with a monolithic slab foundation although due to the simplicity of one that is what I am hoping to be able to build. I won’t be able to work on that until I find myself a good piece of land first and figure out what my option are. I just find it incredibly wrong that a government or state would be able to tell me what I can and can not build on my own land.

Northern Person – A Canadian cabin sounds wonderful. Good luck finding a cabin sitter. Also be aware that to leave a home that long I think that anyone who lives in a place that long who is not the owner can apply to become the legal owner. At least that is the law in the U.S. Please be wary of that! I would hate to see someone take advantage of a kind woman such as yourself but unfortunatly there are bad seeds everywhere these days.