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water is the key and almost all of it is in some way regulated and controlled

by fed gov.even if you are right on a river you will probably find that legally

you need some form of permit to pump from it.

even rainwater that falls on your roof is controlled in many states.

In California they are wanting to put meters on private wells

dont know what rules are elswhere but nevada has a rule where landowners are permited one well for private use only.

land based runoff is huge and could easily supply all your needs but you would need to pond it for storage and most places even in remote location would soon

have some sort of inspector turn up to tell you to remove the dam.

this would be my favorite way to store water because at the same time i have created a habitat for fish and wildlife not to mention aquatic plants and

insects which are a good food source for my chickens.

The little pond I had in Californa when built also drained the surrounding

ground which was nothing but a winter bog but was again useable.

When I was young I read this book and have been a permaculturist and offgrider

almost ever since I would very much recomend reading it both for ideas and inspiration

another way you could get water in most locations would be a small pond and large water tank or cistern. Pump from the small pond into your cistern during the times of precipitation and runoff and the rest of the year the pond would dry up and not get any undue attention.better yet if you choose your land acordingly you could have this small pond above your tank and just gravity feed into it.

if you were going to use a very large tank/cistern build it out of concrete or ferrocement cost should be cheaper than poly and it will outlast poly.

lots of places have amazing stars. Sounds like your first step should be

some traveling to the places you may be interested in living spend some time there maybee do some work that will help you with skills that you may not already have.

I mentioned it before but plans change a lot and untill you actually

have your piece of land and LEARN IT you will never be able to make

more than a very basic plan no more than an idea realy and even when you have your land still your best plans will need will be an old lady living on your piece of land for 50 years and still your plans wont be perfect.

If they were life would be very boring.