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….joys…. foundation – i prefere monolithic slabs – less exucuvation and still very stable. you wont have to go deep. i do like pouring closer to 6″ as the general 4″. when you crunch the numbers its the same amount of concrete with 3 less steeps.

finding land with water isn’t that tough. i’m a little hesitant to brodcast those places over the internet. after being in the resort industry for over 20 years i’ve seen alot of wonderful places grow beond there means for exploitation and quality of life. then the quality is gone. i live in a town of 800. 4 mi from work, grocery,hardware, recreation, ect. but supper chill . utah and colorado definatley have more issues from mining but only in specific areas.

lighting. tis da season. in the last couple of years ive become increasingly more against the cfl.. 1 13 watt really draws closer to 40 pluss watts. expensive, mercury , they also dont last as long as reported. there design to stay on. if you turn them on and off the internal ballast goes bad. i conveter a 100 room hotel property aprox 3000 bulbs. within a couple of months they where burning out. i dated all of them with sharped and had to send back to manufature. so in the coming months or just after xmas buy some led xmas lights. a strand of 50 for about 6 bucks. some strands use 1 watt others use about 3.8 to 4.8 ..start looking at boxes. you can also get a smal adapeter for existing licht sockets making it an outlet for a couple of bucks. i find intresting objects to make globes/fixture or just string up. also keep an eye out for solar garden lights. 2-4 apiece. i have them mounted outside windows the turn on automatically.

if you want to contact me at we can talk land