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there are lots of variables with batterys. but for the most part you will be dealing with 6 volt batterys. 2 in paralell make 12 volts like your car (dc)the system that you design will be 12v,24v,or 48v. 48 being the most efficient. but also requiring a minimum of 8 batterys 2800bucks. you dont want to plan on adding more batterys until your battery bank no longer does the job. maybe try a search .. solar schematic. im sure alt or sunelc have something on their sites. currently there is alot of used gear outhere i would be hesitant. one mis wire while building a system can toast something in a nano. sun elec does sell som blemish or referd that still come with warranty. but it will be 1 year instead of 2. also don’t buy until your about 10 days out from install. if it sits your waranty is ticking.

outback solar gear is currently the rolls royce and worth it.

as for you location. most people move every seven years, according to mortgage survys. build ing a home and a lifestyle is not something your going to just pick-up and walk away from unless it turns out differently then expected. there is sun and wind and hydro all over the intermountain west from canada to mexico. choose realitive to the community and the people in it. visit. move . make sure its right fit. doesn’t it suck when you buy a pair of everyday shoes in a rush. they end up a touch small. or some funny pinch. make sure you get a good fit. my car broke down in jackson 20years ago. i was on my way to alaska to build what i just built.