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In regards of off the grid income so long as I have internet access I can make a couple hundred dollars a month from online gaming. If I could build a home that could power two computers then I would really be in buisiness.

I like the idea of earthships but I anticipate having to do all of the work by myself and if I were to build an earthship I would want an alternate foundation because I do not like the idea of using tires. Although the tires will be trapped in the walls along with any harmful toxins I still don’t wish to use them by my own personal preference.

I am hoping to weigh the various pros and cons of the building types so I can make the best choice for a solo project. I am not a physically strong individual but I do know that if I put in enough planning and effort that I can do anything I set out to do.

In addition to building a nice sustainable home I think it would be pretty amazing to build a home that is burglar proof… or at least as burglar proof as any home can be.

I also think I should mention that I live in the wasatch area of Utah incase that might help someone here direct me to resources here that can help me learn these new skills before I go and attempt to do this all on my lonesome.

If I choose my land first and build my home to code then I might not be able to include everything that I like depending on what area it is. If I design a home first then I can try to find land that will allow all of the things that I want in my design but I might not be able to find such land am I correct? It seems to be a double edged sword.

Perhaps I could build one of those tumbleweed homes that is around 100 – 200 Sq Ft since they can be built cheaply and transported anywhere very easily and can hook up to utilities and such just like a trailer. I think if the design was good enough that they could be completely off the grid buildings and you wouldn’t even need to rely on utilities, thus providing a good place to live while I build my home or even expanding upon that small building and including it as part of the permanent home.