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your starting to get it. but missing a bit. a 200 watt pannel (3×5) about 900 times 5. mppt charge controler 500 this take the varibility of the actually power coming into the pannels and makes it even then goes to the batteries. 24volt either 4 or eight at 350 each then to the inverter which converts the dc power to ac 3000. midnite pannel with all the disconects lightning arrestor ect 600. puting it all to gether about 2 days. just the wire from my pannels to the system is 1.70 a foot /3 runs/110 feet. not cheep . you dont want to have a sytem that is less then 3500 watts of continuous power. for back up generator youll only need a small 1000 watt as a battery charger if you build the solar system first for power during construction. about 150. or any generator above 6500 continuous for construction. another big varible will be the depth of the well after 200 ft you need a3/4 horsepower moter which requires 208/240 power ( transformer needed 500$) if well is less then 200 ft 1/2 power motor 120v. well 250 ft for 10-13000$. i

im going to head out to take some sweet sunrise photos ill try to post them on wwoofer site. name of my farm is eddy soli( the recirculating current of the sun.)

cheers gordo