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as mentioned in another post you’ll need a solar system. a 24 volt sytsem with about a 1000 watts will be a good start. about 15000 dolars. a thermal hotwater syatem maybe with a propane as backup about 10,000. the structure will depend on the location. i prefere oregon cob style over straw bail. you have to protect the straw from maister and rodent during construction. cob this is not an issue. while its nice thought to keep tires out of the land fill the 1gal plus of petrolium left in each tire will be leaching into you soil for ever. you will be growing food here. no bueno.

septic- its the same flush your just building a symple system that will seperate the liquid from the shit. the water will evaporate and bacteria destroys the shit. if you keep trees away it will last 20 years. have it pumped in about 8.

maybe look for land with a structue and add the solar. then build. i live 4 hours from you if you want to take a road trip and have a solar 101 off grid lesson let me know. today cloudy about 35 deg. my hot water was 140 when i got home. im listening to the radio with lights on while on the computer. i have hydronics. in solar concrete becomes a heat sink. meaning i dump extra heat from my hot water to the floors which realease the heat. saves on fire wood. in terms of firewood you will need a minimum of 4 wooded acres to harvest wood from your own propety. comforter- how often to you wash them? laundromat? you could have a washer, propane fridge,propane dryer.

you don’t need both wind and solar. wind doesnt produce as much as solar. keep all your bread in one basket. easier if you only have one primary system instead of a primary and secondary. a modern wind generator will be another 15 grand. just add about 8000 to you existing solar and you’ll live like a queen.

really. if you want to check it out you can. i can also show you several other homes here totally off the grid. some with garagedoor openers too.

cheers gordo