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Some of my Mormon friends have HUGE vaults under their homes for food storage. I mean it looks like they have a Wal-Mart under their house or something! I would only be talking about stocking enough food for a year or two for myself and then for my family members in the event of emergency I could get those buckets that contain like 275 meals that last for like 20+ years or something like that so I don’t have a whole bunch of semi perishable foods that would go to waste. My family doesn’t share my views but if things ever got bad I would want to be able to care for them. If that makes me a prepper then I guess I am.

There are nutcases from all walks of life including but not limited to some Mormons. I know you didn’t mean any offense. None taken. I know just the kind of people you are talking about and I avoid them at all costs.

I checked online for the zombie preppers and I just can’t believe that there are seriously people who think that could possibly happen. I think the trouble that you fellow man could give you would be alot more to worry about then just some zombies.