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Home Forums General Discussion Help me plan to live completely off the grid? Re: Help me plan to live completely off the grid?


Prepper joys? What is that? Survivalists I have heard of and although it is good to be prepared I want to not only survive but the thrive as well.

I think my need to over prepare for things, especially where food storage is concerned, comes from my Grandmother and Great Grandmother. They lived through the depression and they have always had a large amount of food storage on hand for emergencies. It makes me feel secure when I open the pantry door and see shelves upon shelves of food.

Zombie prepper types? You mean there are people who actually believe in zombies? I mean no offense to them and their beliefs but that one seems way out in the field to me.

As for the overly zealous religious types I live around Mormons and I am an official member of the church myself although I am of the belief that everyone should worship in their own way and that everyone is just working towards the same goal of being a good person and if there is a life after this one that we should all strive to be as good to each other here in order to get to live together there. Pretty basic stuff. To each their own. I am not one of those bible thumpers who likes to go around and try to convert others since I find that vain and that it makes others uncomfortable.

I have not thought about moving into an already established area although it makes good sense. I figure that I want to purchase ALOT of land for my own personal use so I would be sort of far from other people. I think it would be pretty neat to establish an off the grid town so that way I can design everything to my own vision and if anyone else happens to like that vision and shares my values then they can move on in.