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Home Forums General Discussion Help me plan to live completely off the grid? Re: Help me plan to live completely off the grid?


LOL you sound a little like a closet prepper joys, could i make

a suggestion that you also look at possibly a MAG mutual aid group

whith what you know you would not have trouble bartering or paying inexpensive

amounts to get what you need to overcome your stated lack of physical strength.

just be carefull a lot of crazy people who are preppers/survivalists but also a lot of good people look for a group that is family orientated and

preferably already established with multiple families.

If you find that youll likely have all the help you need

watch out for the zombie prepper types you can generally tell them by

how quickly they can state the balistic qualities of some sort of firearm

and ammunition but know very little about anything else like farming,

building,food preservation etc.

also watch out for the overly zealous religous type groups

best of luck to you