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Financially I have more than enough. I am 100% debt free. I don’t buy anything unless I can buy it outright with cash so I won’t need a loan. I am hoping to stash away some extra funds in an account that will earn me enough interest to live off of and more that I can use to increase my investment.

My own personal reasons for living off the grid are varied.

1. I do not wish to live my parent’s lifestyle currently or the one that they desire. My Father rakes in over $80,000 a year and has NOTHING to show for it year after year! I want a place that I can call home that will be all mine, that I have worked hard for and that I will never have to worry about moving out of. Due to my Father’s line of work I have had to move all around the country and could never really put down some roots. However I should also note that I am a linguistics student and I have an interest in world travel. By having a home where I have no bills I could save my income to travel as well as potentially host guests from around the world. One vice that I am working towards eliminating is my desire to collect things. I simply love to collect things. From old school video games ( SNES, Genesis, Saturn ect. ) to professional wrestling action figures I just love to collect stuff. With all of the moving I have done we have had to throw things out or leave many things in storage and I think part of my collecting issues has to do with never being able to keep things with me. I realize that it is a problem so I have decided on a few hobbies and things that I want to have and keep and the rest of my stuff I have found good homes for or sold. Baby steps and all that jazz. I realize that I am more committed to living off the grid then I am to a collection of things that are not being used for any purpose and are only serving to hold me back from my major goals in life.

2. I am also a privacy and space loving individual who is used to living in a home with ten people. I am not content with that. I want my own home that is designed to my own liking with all of the space I require for doing the things that I like to do. I don’t need a palace but if a man’s home is his castle then I certainly need a castle. A tiny castle… with a nice garden. :)

3. Security. With my parents declaring bankruptcy next year it would be nice if I had a place where my family could stay if times ever got tough. With a fifteen trillion dollar national debt if something were to occur be it a collapse or even just a riot and my family needed a place to go then I would want to be prepared.

Earth BURM? What is that? I need a home that is well designed for cold weather, that has space for long term guests in the event of a crisis or overseas guests that I invite to live here for awhile and if I am perfectly honest with myself I think it would be cool to have a house that is designed to look like a small and defendable castle. That last part is not needed but I figure if I work with something like strawbale or compressed earth bricks that the structure would be very strong to begin with. If I added some stonemasonry work to the outside of a structure it would look pretty nice. Of course a small cottage design would suit me just perfectly too. Lots of choices!