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It hailed here one time and there were chunks as big as a baseball without exaggeration. I like to be over prepared when possible. Perhaps collecting solar during the summer and storing it for winter use is the best option so I can merely cover the solar panels with a covering to protect them during the winter months. I still think that wind energy would be the most viable energy solution for the northern plains states that I want to live in.

A back up energy source is something that I would like to have just to be on the safe side but if I can find a way to replace it with renewable alternatives that are cost effective then I certainly will. I think these new technologies are still in their infancy and it would be foolish to invest too heavily in them until they become more efficient.

Call me picky but I don’t eat lambs, ducks, woodland creatures of all sorts ect. I am a steak, ribs, chicken and tuna sort of lady. If I could find a way to trade for or purchase those things that is enviornmentally friendly then I will. If I can’t then I will teach myself how to make due without them. I don’t eat alot of meat as it is so I could go vegetarian if I had to but to be perfectly honest I do like my meat products.

Maybe I could raise a few chickens for their eggs. That way I wouldn’t have to kill them and with only a few chickens I could have a good supply of protein and the ability to care for them since one person can not run a farm by themselves. However feeding and sheltering both the sheep and the chickens is something I need to factor into my plans.

Speaking of skills I never really thought about what I might be able to bring to a community. I have interests in various craft work so I could work on those skills in order to increase my contributions. Quilting, knitting, tailoring, basketry, pottery, glass or tile making and maybe even a tiny bit of blacksmithing would all be skills that I could pick up and use to make myself useful to a group.