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Hello~I just bought 4 acres in the Ozarks~it is partially cleared in 2 spots for a cabin or home~I also lived in Wyoming,so I’m used to roughing it in the winter! I have seeds to plant, a chicken(pet) but want to get more-I am a survivalist for sure! I also have a 4 wheel drive~I would like to talk to you=more~I was hoping my kids would move up there with me-but they have small kids and don’t want to get that far from civilization!! I am just afraid for them, when the power grid goes down-and they are at the mercy of the roaches that come ou of the woodwork, in an Crisis!! I am wanting to build something that will be safe from solar flares- if there IS such a thing! then there is the coming polar shift~don’t guess there is much you can do abou that! anyhow=if you had thought about the mts in missouri-hit me up!