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How many people do you have in your family? If it’s just you, this may be easier than you think. I don’t know what your investment capabilities are (as in how much money you can come up with to seek your dream) but depending on your space needs and such there are certainly ways to reach your goals.

Look into micro homes. LaMar Alexander has a good site and some good books that will help you out. He may even be a part of this site if I recall correctly. His site is simple solar homesteading. Look into other methods of obtaining land (California has insane land costs).

Like this:

2.5 acres of land for sale for $5000. If it’s useable land you can invest into that. Put a $2000 cabin on it, and get started. For $7000 (likely closer to 8 ot 9)you are ready to go. 2.5 acres intelligently laid out and designed is perfect to supply a small family.

I am simplifying, but I think to follow your dreams it’s best to start small and work your way up. Starting small makes the steps forward much easier.