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There is a need to provide better public education on medicinal properties of common plants that are readily available without prescription. Aloe Vera is a garden plant that has found mainstream acceptance. I know of several people who keep Aloe Vera plants around as part of their ‘medecine cabinet” supplies. They use the plant in much the same way as other people use first aid ointment on minor burns scratches and cuts. Honey (natural not pasturized)contains a powerful antibacterial agent from what I have heard. This is why you should not use honey in infants food. The antibacterial properties would interfer with the growing baby’s ‘own developing immune system. Although the list of such plants is not endless it is considerable. Unfortunately many people are not aware of these properties. And the medical community is loath to support it since it would diminish the value of their own profit motivated services. I am encouraged by the fact several alternative menicine websitss are available but discouraged by the fact many of them simply use it to peddle over priced products. Not that the products are not effective but that the price for the concentrated extracts and pills is excessive. A member of our church congregation sells a health food supplement. The cost of a monthly supply is equal to half our actual food budget. When they tried their sales pitch on me I pointed out that we already consumed most of the listed ingredients as part of our normal food. So why pay extra for the expensive supplements. Case in point is ‘deoderized garlic’. I asked why would you pay 10X as much for tasteless and deoderized garlic instead of putting a whole real clove into the meal. The reply and my response did not contribute constructively to the conversation. Another trace substance which is supposed to help protect against cancer happens to be present in tomatoes, mostly in the skin. Even a modest sized green house will produce an over abundance of tomatoe plants. Wy pay dearly for the extract instead of enjoying lots of fresh tomatoes on sandwidges or as home made tomato soup with out the 35% sodium content as advertised on soup cans?

For winter time cooking, sun dried tomatoes is definitely on our menu. A solar food dryer is easy to make.