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I do not wish to give the wrong impression regarding doctors. Doctors have their place but in most cases medical treatment consist of first aid and dealing with minor issues such as infections from cuts and bruises or ingestion of toxic foreign substances. Occasionall it also deals with major injuries. The nursing profession has for several decades maintained their argument that they could in fact administer the same level of medical treatment presently reserved by law to doctors only.

Read any of the biographies of early pioneering doctors and you will see how their daily work quite often consisted of common sense and the application of relatively few medications. Then compare these early days with present day medical practice of prescribing pills that subsequently proved to have disasterous side effects. Which is really better? Modern or old time pioneer days. Modern medical science has developed a term “placebo effect”. To this day no one is willing to assign a value as to how often this is what effects a ‘cure’ among modern patients. But note that even modern well trained doctors do acknowldge this effect and the part it dometimes plays in treating patients.