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6gun911 wrote: “Doctor..diabetes asthma,ingrown toenail ETC.”

I’m in my sixties and have all of the above but no health care whatsoever.( (Its a long story – don’t ask) Nor did my parent’s generation. The fact is, you can take responsibility for your own health care effectively. Diabetes is often brought about by poor eating habits and can be cured using the same approach but in reverse. Proper diet will minimize diabetic symptoms and problems. If you are living off grid chances are you are also in a low air pollution region. This eliminates or greatly reduces asthmatic spells.

The one time I did need a doctor was when I got my finger crushed between a steel wheel and a 600 pound welder on the track. In retrospect I could have managed with a upholstry needed some fine thread and a bottle of rum afterwards. Maybe even just taping it up might have been as effective as how the doctor stitched it up. Still have a big scar where the finger tip was reattached. The bone at the end of the finger was crushed and splintered so the doctor did nothing with it. Nerves are still numbseveral years after.

There are any number of books on how to apply home remedies using common herbs and plant material. For example tumeric which is used in east indian food also has curative powers as an antiseptic and healing ointment or poultice.

10 years ago I had a rash on my foot supposedly brought about from wearing construction boots all the time. No amount of expensive pescription medication seemed yo help. After severl years of no cure my wife applied a tumeric poultice that healed the open sore in less than a week. Now that we are living out in the boonies we find the native indians know about devils club plant and use it for a variety of cures. Asperin was originally derived from willow bark as is quinine (malaria fever) and digitalis (a variety of the deadly night shade plant) is used for heart disease. My viking ancestors used to apply spider webs containing penecillin to open wounds and cuts. Only after Banting and Best developed methods of cultivating peneclllin was it realized spiders cob webs also contains the same healing medication but in reduced amounts. I have read old accounts of mouldy bread being used as a poultice on cuts. Although the old accounts did not have an explanantion as to why it was good; modern knowledge suggest the yeast in the bread yielded penecillin growth as the bread got mouldy. If the new definition of going off grid means getting away from the establishment and organized big business then getting away from pill pushing doctors who are barely more than shills for the pharmaceutical drug companies should be a part of it. Much can be done in the way of self help both for first aid and longer term medial treatment. Simply getting away from the toxcity of big cities is a good beginning.