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Some excellent tips Susan, I will insert one thing about this:

For women only: No need for a hair dryer! I just stand in front a foot away of my stove with the door a little open and bend over! in 3 minutes my very long hair is dried and soft! Saving on my electricity! or no need for it! Nail polish dries in a jiffy! just hold your hands a foot away and dry in a minute.

I will say that hair is flammable, and depending on what products you put on your hair (gel, mousse, hairsprays…) your hair could be VERY flammable, I would exercise great caution in putting your wet or dry hair near an open woodstove, also the same thing goes for nailpolish, that is also very flammable, I wouldn’t recommend drying hair or nail polish in this manner…

I’m an old hairdresser so I know about these things, I used to sit and read the MSDS book about the various products in the salon, I’m also someone who lives off grid (since Dec 07) and uses a woodstove to heat and cook with… just my 2 cents. :)

I’m copying this message on the other post you made with this same content.