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Nick Rosen

countrygurl, What is your timeframe? When do you want to be living on the property? It appears that you started this thread 6 days ago. These are important considerations with winter fast approaching. How big of a cottage, cabin, shack have you envisioned? What construction techniques are you thinking about? What is the property like? Is it heavily wooded and what types of trees, or sparsly wooded? Are there zoning issues to be concerned with?

I have been looking for land farther west but MO isn’t a bad place either. My plan is to find something between now and spring then make the jump. I hope to have the weather working with me rather than against. I can design and build just about anything. Am competent at electrical wiring and have converted two homes to make good use of greywater and reduce septic tank issues. I am not a fan of septic tanks etc. and prefer to use a composting system such as outlined in Joseph Jenkins HUMANURE HANDBOOK.

Also, I am retired, 55 and living on my comfortable (With Inflation how long?) pension. My personal goal is to get established and as self-sufficent as possible while it is “affordable.” I am a bit of a hermit,I like peace and quiet. I have lived off-grid for a year in a rather unconventional way. I lived on a sailboat then and have become accustomed to being energy concious. I have gardened in the past and look forward to returning to that. I can be found here and at rhumstruck-at-gmail.