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Nick Rosen

Hi Wreatha,

I think you are missing the point! I never open the door fully!, sparks that may happen are stopped by glass door! I have not had back puffs of smoke that you mention. If the exhaust chimney pipe is the correct length and free of creosol- “cleaned regularly” the updraft should be good no matter what wood is burning or wind is blowing, (maybe unless you burn wet wood, I do not). I for one would never! put anything on my wood stove in direct contact, except an iron or stainless steel pan! as temperatures can approach 500 degrees, not even for a second! So you can continue to take the day to dry your hair and place clothing on your wood stove. I will not, with caution and common sense it is a 3 minute dry for my hair and all clothing is placed on a wood rack to dry or warm up, in front of the stove at least a foot away.