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I have two articles on this topic that might help. One is the one on home sewage treatment and one is on water flocculation, sedimentation, filtration. I also have one on home water production that may interest you.

As far as sand filters go you need between #17 and #50 sieved size sand. If you just go grab some sand it will be as if you are using sand that is already partially used up for filtering purposes. Now you can buy sieves at a site I list in the links MinerOX I think its called. So you can sieve your own sand to the correct particle size.

As far as plants goes, I don’t know exactly what might be best. Bamboo might be nice. Its a little more useful than reeds.

I also have info on making your own charcoal on the water filtration article as well as activated carbon.

I have a friend on who is putting in such a filter for a hot tub. I think he has an image there he drew up of the design. Or at least he’s working no one.