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Ash Fork is in a red zone on the pockets of freedom thread link’s map—bummer for alternative power(solar, wind, micro-hydro) and building materials(tires, bales, etc. & possibly a bummer for compost toilets and catchment/grey water recycling systems). You would think AZ would be an all green state. Deer, elk, mountain lions and bears are in that area, along with skunks, porcupines, coyotes, and foxes. The subdivision may have covenants, not sure on underground water and annual rainfall for catchment (if it is even allowed). Fire danger, snow loads and wind loads, permits needed and costs should be at the county website. Check for growing region in the PoF thread. Make sure your septic is at least 1000 gallons and the leach field is located away from any future building. Bummer about having to pay for water, research recycling water systems. Some places in the mountains get no cell phone or even free TV and radio. You have to just try and see. I’m in such a place in CO and need satellite for TV, no radio, and ground line is in for phone and DSL, but wasn’t at first. I’m in a neutral area where putting in an Earthship, solar power, and building were a little over-regulated and considerable paperwork and engineering expense, but not too much. I live in a covenanted area where trailers(for living permanently) and mobile homes are not allowed, so property values are better maintained.