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Acid core solder has its own risks and problems. Unless you have experience with handling this it is not recommended for the typical DIYer. Presumably the original wiring was done correctly with a suitable service loop so you can cut back the corroded crimp and remake it. Sealing the cut ends with a dab of solder on the lug side of the crimp is fine but generally all standards now prohibit solder only connections.

These days newer technology is available so now its easier to get adhesive lined wshrink tubing waterproof crimp lugs. The come is various sizes and styles. The better automotive wholesale supply stores carry them under the application heading of waterproof trailer wiring devices. You are not likely to find them in the ordinary big box consumer stores. Go to an industrial wholesaler or if they do not sell to the public, find out where the nearest commercial user is located then go and buy what you need there. Be aware these do cost more but are worth while because of superior quality long life splicing. Experienced wiring guys can also improvise by using non insulated lugs and long bulk lenghts of adhesive lined shrink tubing.

If you are working in a vehicle that is often on the road and thus subject to vibration do not solder connections. Extensive testing has proven soldered connection of stranded wire causes a hard point that will fail as the copper strands fail due to work hardening at the flex point.