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Somehow I doubt it. Note the product is an infrared reflectant. Its intended to keep high heat inside a container not exclude it. Its intended as a refrectory material not primarily as an insulation material.

Note also asbestos has been banned as a know carcinogenic material in much of the western consumer world.

Much better results will be obtained by using Aerogel or Glacier Bay vacuum ball panels. however these are pricey. Why this insistence on going expensive high tech?

Realistically a DIY off- grid person would get a very cost effective cold box / refrigerator using styrofoam or better, the blue foam used in the construction industry. The box shell can be plywood or heavily waxed cardboard even.

Or do like we did in the old days. cut ice from the lake in winter store it in saw dust lined barns until summer. I have encountered foot deep ice drifts in july because they weere covered under 12″ of saw dust down by the saw mill.