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Home Forums General Discussion Does using OTG Solar cost 10 times more than using grid power? Re: Does using OTG Solar cost 10 times more than using grid power?


john- there will always be cost’s that can’t get figured in on both sides of the argument. i have 480 watts (panels and tracker from 1984) with a 8 battery/24v bank $2800 outback reconditioned fm80/3524 ($1700). self installed concrete tower/tower/wire/misc fittings ($800) 5400 lets say 6000.

lets throw in a second set of batteries 1500 and call it 7500. this extra set makes it a 16 year capability. thats 192 months. 7500 /192 = 40 bucks a month.

i’m only 600 ft from the power box. i never even asked how much it would cost to run it to my house.

so in the news. hurricane sandy. how many people are with out power? how many generators failed because they take for granted where there power comes from and don’t test there back up gear.

how much will it cost to rebuild there infustructure (sp) ?. i live on the west side of the teton range on a high field. my system sustains regular winds of 25- 60. in the winter i have 90-100 plus winds. all i do is cleat the 9.99 rope to ground anchor before or during storms. my only weather repair has been the 1′ harden steel bolt on the arbor of the tracker (5.00)

adding two southwest wind generators in the spring. hope they don’t burn up in the winter :)

let me know if i crunched any numbers wrong. i never have before because i live this way for independence. also when or if your batteries become less productive they will still be able to power your house directly from the panels during sunny times.

hopefully this winter i can get some work done on a perpetual motion generator, and finish my 1/25 amp fridge :)

then we will have rainy season backup

cheers gordo