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Home Forums General Discussion Does anyone know any states with good soil for crops and such? Re: Does anyone know any states with good soil for crops and such?


Arkansas winters has become milder and milder each passing year. When I grew up we would get snow and ice and freezing weather for months where ponds would freeze over up to 1/2 foot thick, but not lately. Summers are hot in the 90’s and very humid. Summer nights do not cool off much, usually only 5 or 10 degrees if that much. Maybe more on a cloudless night. We get around 50 inches of rain per year. Occasional bad ice storms in winder and only a foot of snow at deepest. Flooding in some locations is an issue. We are in tornado alley, and we get hit hard. In Arkansas you can’t see the tornado’s coming. Have to rely on weather reports. Arkansas has the river valley areas of around 300 to 400 foot elevation, and it has mountains in the 1000 to 2000 foot elevation with peak elevation at 2850 feet I believe. Mt Magazine, is the highest mountain between the Rockies and Appalachians. Higher elevations of course are cooler overall, and have more snow/ice.