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Hey I live in a part caravan part shed under the guise of mobile home. According to planning law a mobile home is 66ft x 22 with a floor to ceiling height of not more than 10ft that is capable of being moved when assembled.The fact this cannot be moved on the road at this scale implies sectional construction. My shed bit is pallets from the business next door these are 7m x 2m and three make a 23ft x 7ft space. The rules for building regs do not apply to mobile homes other than LPG regs. or any services that you may have installed such as mains power will need to meet specs.All electric is regarded as temporary so needs to meet much lower standards and if like mine it is all solar and inverter then it is outside regs.

All my water is rain from the shed roof and stored in tanks then filtered. I have a septic tank and flushing loo, though I also have and prefer my soil toilet which offers better views of the surrounding countryside. I have planning consent for two mobile homes on the land and so could construct another similar dwelling should I so desire.

It will all depend on the local regulations and whether or not your local authority are a bunch of gits or like mine, very nice people who didn’t want me to cause them a headache, which I would have done if they refused me permission. Offer to pull down the town hall if they take away your land. It will involve the risk of imprisonment but would leave them with something of a historical legacy that would remind everyone how callous they are as planners for heaving you onto the roadside. Otherwise a flat bung of around £5k does the trick with some councils, or you could offer to build a road or a park or similar like supermarkets allegedly do.

You may think I jest but this is a synopsis of my journey to off grid heaven.