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Gordo, Thank you for your input. I would like to not be LP dependent. But as for right now I will be using it for cooking, gas dryer, water heater and maybe LP fridge. I will be 100% using wood heat. My other fridge idea was to use the chest freezer conversion.

My reasoning for the 24V instead of 48v is about the money. What I found is that the cost is a lot higher for the 48v equipment. The only advantage I see is that the amp draw is lower tha should increase the battery life. If there are other advantages to 48v I would like to know. I am looking to start out with 8 golt cart batteries. I have been looking into better batteries to start out with.

My water supply will be a 500 gallan water tank in the basement. I found a 12v water pump that will put out 5.3 gal a min and 65 PSI. The well is a deep submersable pump.

Thank again,