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Yes, the inverters of all types and chargers, too, send out lots of EMI/RFI and thick Aluminum foil with no gaps keeps them from slowing down computers and putting a buzz in your phone line if they are near. The CFLs and regular fluorescent lights especially, produce a 60 cycle hum in single coil guitar pickups to the amplifier(therefore I use humbucker guitars mostly on most amps). The interference from non sinewave inverters goes through the electric wires to make buzzes in ceiling fans and overheat cheap electric motors. Generators put out a lot of interference within a certain range like the inverters do. If you run one in a dedicated shed it too should be shielded in the direction of the house wires and sensitive equipment within a range of 20 feet or so. In the line with your router, replace the CFLs with LEDs. There are also clamp on line conditioners for wires leading to sensitive equipment. I have one on the power strip wire to my computer and others on the extension cords to my amplifiers.