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Well, I hope the utopian dream works out. I have all the training they are talking about and already have my off grid housing complex, fire mitigation done. However, I pay property taxes for police and road maintenance plus the school my son went to. My own property is protected by Mr. Taurus Judge.

It is too bad few others in my county live the same way we have for 15 years.

An independent remote community would be nice. The more inside gardens the better with climate fluctuation. In a location of fewer natural or man made disaster possibilities, and not in the path of toxic fallout from coal power plants or a city or military target hit by a nuclear bomb. Water, recycled and unpolluted by industrial chemicals, hormones, pharmaceuticals, or diseases/parasites. Stock animals protected from poaching or drought. Good luck, to such efforts, especially with trying to keep up books and CD/DVDs of the sum total of human knowledge for thousands of years. Preparing to survive AETM (Anthropocene Epoch Thermal Maximum) and its 200K year bottleneck will be the real challenge of the future, well after the coming population crash and collapse of civilization before mid century.