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We have seen many appeals for volunteers who want to form a community to live off-grid. Unfortunately many of these appeals come across like starry eyed utopians. Back in the sixties B.F. Skinner wrote a book on the subject and countless trial communities since then have started. Sadly most failed, a few survived and often morphed in the process.

I live in an area where such people still exist and have been for decades. I have become accustomed to asking if they have telephone and a computer. The mountains sometimes block the sky view for even satellite links and the hills pretty much precludes cell phone coverage except in larger village sites.

The point being people get along and being off grid or on grid is not a big deal. We even have one community where there is no building codes whatsoever.

You don’t need a ‘special group’ of like minded people just people who are willing to get along with each other and be tolerant of someone being different