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Jack your questions seem to be more of a sociological nature than something associated with tool design. Your thesis on post oil tool use and design is quite interesting. In fact I got involved in a similar discussxion before it got derailed by some nincompoops intent on making fun of the subject.

There is a website called that carry articles on technology from yesteryear. Seems to me this would serve as a useful springboard for anyone wanting to adapt and further development of such pre-oil technology. With our increased understanding of materials including ceramics and wood we should be able to improve on a great many old devices.

In the past century there has been huge gains in laminated wood structures. I have seen laminated wood used for springs that would equal any made of metal. Wind turbines and water wheels typically require bearing lubrication but this lubricant need not be derived from petroleum feed stock. Having spent part of my working life doing tool and production machinery design I find this topic very interesting.