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Jack, sorry if this rains on your thesis but things do not happen that way in real life. We are already in a recession. The authorities just don’t like to admit it because that is likely to trigger widespread panic.

Secondly even if oil shipments from Arabia was to stop, it would take a while to stop the flow in the distribution network. The guys coming down from the northern fields tell us that many of the well heads are capped off because it would lower the price if all of it was available. Recently saw an article from a financial newletter saying essentially the same thing. So the roughnecks coming home on leave were not lying.

Regarding power plants. A thermal power plant can be brought online from standby in about 4-6 hours but a nuclear plant is far more complex. Consequently nuclear plants are run full power for the base load and the thermal plants are used to support the peak demand periods. Ramping up a nuclear plant is not an option for short term gain. For extreme peaks or emergencies we kept gas turbines ready but even they take 15 minutes to come on line. Nuclear plants take years to build even when its a duplicate of something already running. It is not a solution in the short term. Forget the Hollywood fantasy movies. You do not increase or decrease power output of a nuke by simply turning a control.

A few months ago we had a similar discussion thread regarding what the most useful tools would be for going off-grid. It did not limit you to three items.