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Larry, You forgot to mention methane as an alternative fuel. It is naturally generated and found almost everywhere in abundant supply. You are probably right that nukes will proliferate. What you did not mention is the fact there are many different nuclear reactor designs, some of which do not generate the kind of nuclear waste most people is justifiably afraid of. Spent uranium is used industrially in many places and is only considered a low grade radioactive source.

This kind of reactor is not popular because it cannot be used to breed weapons grade material. Price of electricity will follow market forces and if the supplier puts the price too high so that people cannot afford it or refuse to buy it, then the price wiil drop. According to the utilities that own hydro-electric dams they can produce power at around 3.5 cents per kilowatt.

It stands to reason any amount charged in excess of that is a profit.

Supposedly the idea of being in business is to sell at a profit but if you charge too much, the end result is zero sales and thus zero profit.

The investors will demand an adjustment in pricing that will result in some profit. This is often called market forces and will result in lower prices for electricity.

AS for animal power. Considering it could also provide a source of feed stock for methane gas ( fuel) this may not be such a bad move.

There is no doubt a post oil world will be different but we may just find it would not be so bad.

Right now many people spend huge amounts of money to join fitness clubs and they go there to expend a lot of muscle energy to ‘stay fit’. Suppose this muscular energy effort was spent doing useful and productive work at home, is that such a bad thing?