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You never mentioned how big your living space is nor what loads you expect to drive. I advised one person who wanted to outfit a small trailer for off grid. Only a few AC devices and one LED light would be used so the system ended up with no wiring. The existing cords on the few AC appliances were long enough to reach the centrally located battery pack plus 400 watt inverter. As a result no wiring was required.

I suspect this is a special case and most people would want a bit extra like maybe two LED light locations and maybe a conveniently placed outlet for plugging in the charger for a laptop.

Speaking of which laptops are often 15 – 18V these days and are not happy wired directly to a 12V battery. Cell phones, PDA etc typically use 4.5V and also are not happy wired directly to 12V. Last time I checked the AC charger for a cell phone or lap top was cheaper by far than a cigarette plug in for use on my car 12V system. something else to consider when deciding on system voltage for of grid.