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I just read through this discussion because I’m interesetd in this AC vs DC argument. I’m new to solar – and here so it might seem an offkey first posting! – but it strikes me as a key issue if you are going to set up an installation. I’m thinking of minimum gear, a few lights, fans, some electrical appliances, battery chargers. It appears that there are favourable and valid arguments for either an AC or DC system, almost 50/50 by the way I read this. Leaving aircaft circuit breakers and other finer points aside for now, and assuming I don’t already live in a standard wired up AC circuit, is there are a bottom line here? Is it a good and efficient idea to go DC and get the matching DC appliances if I am running a smallish solar set up? Or is it best to ‘stick’ with AC and an inverter?

I hope I haven’t missed something in the thread that gave an obvious answer.

Thanks for reading.