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I’ve only ever used the 12v d.c. for any of my previous adventures off-grid, so it does make sense to stick with what you know. Future plans of mine are calling for the use of an inverter & genset, but again, I’m well familiar with 120v a.c. too, through decades of home construction & renovating.

If you’re somewhat familiar with 12 v already, it would make more sense to stay with it at first & then progress into using a higher voltage afterwards. Your shack is only to be around 240 sq. ft. so you won’t require a great deal more than what most RV’s have already. By reverse engineering one of these units, it would be a simple task of setting up your own place to re-use most all of the equipment & fixtures from one f these RV’s. If for some reason, you want to convert to 120 volts or more & have your home opened to the scrutiny of an inspector later, you’ll of had lots of time to study more about it.