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Excellent idea for AC, loadarranger, I hope you don’t mind if I copy it at my place. It gets hot here in OK, also. Our home is wired for 12 V. and 120 (generator) but we rarely use the 120 except for AC. Got 12 V. fans from Walley World for 8 bucks each, 2 speed, low amp drain. Push enough air to work. Wired them with 14 ga. wire. Got 12 V lights from “Fish House Supply” on net, priced reasonable, wired them with 14 ga. wire (got a large spool of 14 ga. auto wire at auction). All give good service. Use 60 watt panels to power them. Run Laptops and satellite internet on 4 of Wal-Marts largest Marine deep cycle batteries. Have another 120 watt solar array will set up this winter to compensate for diminished sun. Elnav is correct in what he says, but if you’re more familiar with 12 V. marine systems, it might be your best, most economical choice. Just my .02, I’ve been off grid for about 30 years or more. It pays in the long run to have a system you understand and can trouble-shoot and repair yourself.