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Originally I took a trip to Winnemucca to look at cheap land there and was not very impressed with the country and even less impressed with the access once i got there. This Winnemucca land was for sale through another company that often lists on ebay.By the way I originally looked into financing through this other company and they did not want to allow me to build anything untill i had paid for more than half of the purchase price so as far as that 300 dollars down deal that you will often see on ebay. buyer beware

The smile4u company went to a lot of extra effort with photos, maps and description.For example I could see that access roads were much better than

what was being sold through the other company.

Also Google Earth was my friend it allowed me to get a much better grasp

for what the country was like before I made a trip out here and thats was why

I chose my side of the mountain so to speak.more trees, more hills and a good

change in elevation for my bees for example they can fly up or down the mountainside and make the most of changing elevations ie valley flowers will

flower first mountain tops later.

also im pretty sure thats how smile4u gets there properties at tax sales

Another thought I just had the little town of Montello being relatily close

was a big part of my decision (i love little towns like that) and that there were other off griders all ready in the area even if they are on the other side of the mountain.

hope that helped