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I see I forgot to address ypur first question adequately. Wrap the pipe from your well with insulation and include a heat trace cable but remember to leave the temperature sensor portion outsode the insulation.

Most flowing water cominf ffrom below the frost line will be at 50 – 60F temperatures. If the well is atesian and flows without power let the tap run slightly when extreme temps are expected over night. It dpes not have to be much of a t4rickle to keep bringing above 32F water up on an ongoing basis.

We moved into this place on a mid January day with extremely cold weather All the water pipe had frozen. The mobile had been abandoned and nothing winterized. For a while we had to bring in water in a jerry can. I had to build a tent under the trailer then blow hot air in from a propane fired space heater. It was so cold the propane was hard to vaporize. Even so it took a day and a half to completely thaw the pipes coming out of the ground and get the water running. Now we make sure some heat is always on.