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Boiling or simmering after vacuum bagging. That I have a bit of a problem with. Pasturizng requires high heat and time duration. The heat sealing bags are thermoplastic not thermoset. The heat and time required for pasturizing wiil cause the bagged food to outgass meaning some expansion and internal pressue will develop inside the vacuum bag. Just how much this might weaken the bag is a variable no one can accurately determine.

With conventional glass jar canning you can tell if the vacuum seal is intact by the pop and ring of the metal lid. Bagging has no such positive indicator. I used to work in a place wher we used vacuum pumps so I am aware of the limitations of the light duty consumer products we are currently discussing. A buddy has been a supervisor of a canning plant for 20 some years. He told me a bit about the process of food preservation.

I will be reporting on our experiment as it progresses.