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thanx so much guys for the ideas !! im already starting to change more, i even gave most of my clothes to salvation army, and i piked up afew threads from goodwill.with alittle help from a certain book(steal this book), i got alote of ideas on how to be more self-sufficient, and i even started recycling plastic shopping bags and takin old newspapers to a recycling plant by where i live.. my mom doesnt exactly agree with my philosophy on life, shes the complete opposite of me , i dont know how that happened. she wants the best things in life, and she thinks that money is everything. its hard talking to her, she doesnt understand. i think that shes alittle embarassd of me too now that i dress differently , sometimes she calls me a hippy. i seriously doubt that she will let me move into a van -since we live in a small apartment, but once im 18 and out, i’ll probobly try to buy a van and live in it

…anyways, thanxx guys :)

.. by the way -i meantioned a book above, its alittle outdated since it was written in the late 60’s (by abbie hoffman), but it can still be very resourcefull for those who want to be more self sufficient,

highly recommend it!

peace :)