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Good for you, Blue Jay. I also think the importance of community is of the uttmost importance. Consider using a bicycle, and education, as you are still with your mom. Personally, I think staying connected, i.e. the internet, IS very important. Even MySpace can link you to others who are starting to go Off-Grid. You are still in a great position to learn as much as you can and incorporate what you learn to help reduce and reverse what we’ve already done to damage our environments.

Some other things you can do: Eat less processed food and buy locally grown food. If your mom resists, you could offer to do the shopping for her and help with meal preparation. While shopping, use a cloth bag instead of plastic (I just saw some on sale at Safeway for $.99).

If you have the room, start a compost pile and use the product to support your local trees and gardens.

Have you replaced all your regular light bulbs w/ low wattage florescents yet?

Buying clothes from a “vintage” clothing store (or Goodwill) is another great way to not only save money, but reduce landfill space and recourses.

Even grosser: Blow your nose in a dirty t-shirt instead of tissue paper. You’ll have to launder it anyway, and you eliminate the need to consume the tissue.

And maybe the most important thing, have fun with it. I bet you can think of a bunch more things if you put your mind to it, and I think everyone deep down really does care about making our little corners of the world better. But who wants to be like those echo-nazzies who go around making everyone feel bad about breathing?? Make it cool to do the right thing! :)

Keep up the good work!