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so far I’ve only read the excerpts but found those to be very good… I really like it so far and am anxious to read the rest of the book. I read the good reviews that were also on amazon, and so far agree with them in light of what I’ve allready read so far and I can tell how the rest will be in general. The excerpt that I liked the best so far and thought to be helpful was more about how not to live off-grid when he was visiting the off-gridders (“hippies”)who lived next door to the on-gridders (“dippies”:), lol, .. I thought that was great and informative, and only an excerpt, so maybe it is just a case of looking for something different for those who may have disliked it rather than anything actually being wrong with the book itself, a you like apples and i like oranges kind of thing, yet they are actuall both quite good. Hope you all have a nice day