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LOL…CabinPorn. Sound like InfoPorn or Chart Porn. Well anyways those are neat links thanks for the supplements. Well Found lots of modulars,pods, inflatables, domes, etc that can easily be acquired within the $5000 to $10000 range.Just PLOP em right down on the land. Thanks Mbarrow…Id love to collaborate with you. Thinking of starting a WIKI to collaborate as well. As far as as finances, yah Im pretty much in the same boat, trying to so something very frugal with low cost materials to get the most bang out of the buck. Probably looking to expend from $5000 to $15000 on whole project total give or take. I think this property is rare but can be located through some of the sources Ive consulated. Then theres always renting, leasing hunting property, etc. Do you have some way I can get in contact with you if youd like to chat about some stuff like this. Cool. Talk to you later.