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Home Forums General Discussion building a legal composting toilet? Re: building a legal composting toilet?


I too am looking for some plans for a legal home built composting toilet. I am thinking of getting an RV toilet for the seat and flusher and putting that on top of an elevated floor. Underneath will be a 50 gallon drum or even 2 drums on their side. I have not thought about any tumbling right now though drum shape might make that easy enough if one put some thought into it. I have thought that the round shape might make it easy to scoop out the compost. Lets say we had 2 drums. Would need a grate to allow liquids to drain into lower part for evaporation I guess. The sides of the drums might be made as hinged doors in the back so that a person could take a shovel and migrate compost from say right to left thereby stirring it. Could also add brown material. And finally remove some of the well composted material on far left. I’ll keep my eyes open for anything I can find on the web and get back on this. Might make another good blog article.