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desert deb

Just for those who might be curious the filter system im setting up for the small pond seems to be working. Ran water thru yesterday to clean out muck from sand and stones and it bubbled the dirt up to the top and i removed the scum and top layer of sand and it ran the next two loads of water almost clear. Ill run a few more thru today and pull some water into a jar to see if the sediment in clearing and then fill just in time for gardening. It drains with a slow drip which will be perfect for soaker hoses, and for slowly topping off water in pond. I will fill the pond with the water truck so i have water to start with, the fill on the filter will be supplied by bath tub and washer water. Once rainwater collectors are in place i wiil run a hose from one of those tanks to help suppliment water that can be filtered if needed, we are in the desert cant count on rain untill monsoon.