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desert deb

Ohthanks gentlemen and ladies thats what im talking about. Now see i probably would have purchased craftsman because thats tht the tool we have used. Thanks sylvia for that run, i havent bought mine yet been borrowing, now i will remember ryobi. Frankly sine waves wouldnt have entered my mind. Then i would have started my own junk yard. For those of you curious big girl panties is idea that mommy’s use to help potty train little girls, its a big deal, requires shopping for panties with just the right cartoon character on them. Then mommy tells little girl that when the diapers are gone she will be big and grown up and she can wear her big girl panties everyday, how wonderful. Oh well sometimes it worked. ok gents help us out here more tips. I havent started on the outside yet, yeah maybe a whole new passal of needed tools. Oh and then there is the awning. I am wondering about the small wind turbines, we get pretty windy out here, is that a negative or a positive.