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My name is Pradeep Tulachan, born and raised in a high mountain district Mustang in Nepal, which adjoins Tibet in China. I am educatd in the USA, with a Ph.D. degree. I have worked in various national and international develoment organisations over the past thirty years. My district is extremely beuatiful and scenic, the best tourist trekking destination in Nepal. And my district has an immense wind power — being wasted for centuries. Now, as a development worker/expert, I want to tap and harness the tremedious wind power we do have in my district. But, we neither have resources nor technology for this. So the purpose of my writing this comment is that–are there any investors/developers/reseachers interested to harness this tremedious potentials of wind power in my districts –if anyone interested in it, please contact me –we have an organisation called Centre for Mountain Research and Development (CEMORD) which is keen to work in partnership and contribute to economic growth and environment of Nepal. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Pls write to my emails: or