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Gordo wrote: in my purest attempts at being of the grid in todays modern society i question the use of propane, newspaper, lighters, store bought garden products, even the computer i am sitting at. i am slowly refining my wants and needs to build /develop my homestead in a way that is maintainable in the future with out the need for the hardware store, the grocery store, the box store.

This is the classic argument concerning off-grid. Should it be a return to pre-industrial society suitable to a world populated by one tenth of the present population or should off-grid move forward to a future utopian life more remenisceint of the long ago TV series Lost in Space where the nuclear family lived in a spaceship pod on an alien planet. They had the benefit of the latest life support technology, robotic labor and remote sensors to warn of any imminent perils from nature.

About the only common denominator between the two styles is a dislike of any authority that presumes to take your money (assets) and tell you what to do. Never mind this might be for the common good; it still represents imposing rules on society as a whole.

Taking Gordo’s argument to its logical conclusion, You cannot make use of any technology because it requires some sort of civilization with structure and thus some form of authority (the man) to organize it. Where do you get nails from? In the absence of nails how do you build a house? In fact how do you get an ax, knife, or saw unless you have mines and at least black smith technology.

Oh sure you can get flint knives and axes but unless you live where flint is found, you need traders to carry goods back and forth. Guess who controls the traders. Right! The neanderthal man. ( UGH! you pay toll or you don’t get through this road)

With the right technology I think I would prefer being Lost in Space. <smile>

Gordo, consider switching to methane instead of propane. At least then you can control production. Eat more beans.

Don’t you just love these philosophical debates? <VBG>